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Excel 1 Grow Your Proficiency

All files used in this book - ZipFile (not videos)

Chapter One

Quick Access Toolbar (video)

Ribbon (video)

Chapter Two

Navigate (exercise file)

Mouse Pointers (video)

Open file, add text and numbers (video)

Move, copy, edit, delete and undo (video)

Print and Print Preview (video)

Chapter Three

Quarterlyexpense (exercise file)

AutoFill Examples (video)

BCAToLearnIsToGrow (video)

Copy a Formula (video)

Chapter Four

Functions (exercise file)

AutoSum function (video)

Absolute (exercise file)

Absolute (video)

Chapter Five

Sort&Filter2013-2016 (exercise file)

Chapter Six

Formatting (exercise file)

Chapter Seven

Charts (exercise file)

Chapter Eight

Printing (exercise file)

Repeating Headings (exercise file)

BCAToLearnIsToGrow (graphic for Header/Footer section)