Take a drive to Puerto Viejo #18

I have created a number of videos to help you see where I live and make it a little more real. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is the value of this video?

Right up front let me say there are some sun spots in the videos. (The camera is mounted on my dashboard) and there are times my video recorder loses its focus. I apologize for this distraction in the video, but I did not want to cut anything out. I wanted you to see everything, even if certain parts were not perfectly clear.

The first two videos represent the drive from my house to the north end of the Puerto Viejo. Because the video of this drive would have been so big, I divided it in half. The first video will take you up to the south end of Puerto Viejo. The second will take you through town and out to Playa Nerga (Black Beach).

Just for your information there is another Playa Nerga in Cahuita. That one is about 15 kilometers north of Puerto Viejo.

In the first video I mention the local market that is near my house but I do not show you a view of this store. So for anyone interested here is a picture of the store.

Videos explained; 1 & 2 are the drive to and through Puerto Viejo.

1st video: Drive from my house to Puerto Viejo 3:35 minutes

2nd video: Drive through Puerto Viejo and out to the north end 4:37 minutes

In video number two, I point out that the bus station is by the blue and red car. That is not the bus station. It is where you wait for the bus. Here is a picture of the bus station. It is right across the street from what I point out in the video.

Terminal – where you purchase your ticket.
Bulletin Board about everything, good place for all kinds of information.

Almost directly across from bus ticket office.

Videos explained; 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the local beaches around Puerto Viejo.

3rd video: Playa Nerga (Black Beach) 38 seconds

4th video: Beach in the middle of Puerto Viejo 44 seconds

5th video: North end of Cocles Beach 1 minute

6th video: South end of Cocles Beach 1 minute

Second half of 6 south end: Other side of the tree 1 minute

Number 7 is just a view of south Cocles Beach, from across the road from the beach. Just to show if I was on the road how close is the beach?

7th video: South Cocles Beach from across the road 32 seconds

These videos offer a good view of the areas around Puerto Viejo. My hope is that they provide you with an opportunity to see this beautiful place, even if you are not about to visit in person.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.

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