Sloth videos #17

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Sloths are arboreal mammals noted for slowness of movement and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rainforests of South America and Central America. The six species are in two families: two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths. In spite of this traditional naming, all sloths actually have three toes. The two-toed sloths have two digits, or fingers, on each forelimb.

The sloth is so named because of its very low metabolism and deliberate movements, sloth being related to the word slow. This is an evolutionary adaptation to their low-energy diet of leaves, and to avoid detection by predatory hawks and cats who hunt by sight.[3] Sloths are almost helpless on the ground but are able to swim.[4] The grooved hairs of the sloth’s shaggy coat is a host to symbiotic green algae which helps the sloth camouflage itself in the trees, and provides nutrients to the sloth. The algae in turn nourishes sloth moths, some species of which exist solely on sloths.[5]

Now that you know a little about the sloth, it is time to see the sloth in motion. I have created five videos for your enjoyment.

Early Morning sloth ( 3 minutes )
Beginning to move sloth ( 5 minutes )
Looking for food sloth ( 4 minutes )
Finding and eating sloth ( 1:30 minutes )

And for anyone who does not have a lot of time:

Speedy sloth ( 1:30 minutes ) – this is “Looking for food sloth” 3X speed

A little monkey bonus: One minute video on Howler Monkeys

“Pura vida”

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