Can you find appliances #3


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Yes, even here in the southernmost tip of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica you can find new appliances.

In the map above, San Jose is where all the lines come together.

In the larger grocery stores you can find a few things; hand towels, dish clothes, cutting boards, plate set with utensils, can openers, big mixing spoons, etc.

However; for appliances you would need to travel to a little town call BriBri, I am guessing it is about 12 kilometers northwest of Puerto Viejo. It has everything, well almost.

It has kitchen appliances, furniture, washers, TVs, bikes, and motorcycles. When I traveled to BriBri, I was looking for a crockpot. Be aware that when you arrive in BriBri there are competing stores with the same products. In three different stores we found three different prices for a crockpot. The prices ranged from $33, $31 to $29 U.S. dollars. I needed to, convert colones, the currency in costa Rica, to dollars. I was traveling with my neighbor, and she was looking for a crockpot also. Yes, my neighbors turned me on to BriBri and showed me around. And yes, we scored two crockpots.

On highway 36 going north to Limon, you’ll find the town of Cahuita. On the east side of highway 36, you will find the turn for Cahuita. Just pass the Cahuita turn (about 50 meters) still on highway 36, you will find theĀ  second-hand store. I did not notice any appliances there but there was a lots of other things. Furniture, pots and pans, knives, forks and spoons. There was a lot of clothes too. You name it, there is a good chance you will find it there. My point here is that if you are planning to retire in this area and need things to furnish your home, just bring a little extra money. I thought I brought a lot of things from my home in the U. S. But I did not pack a crockpot or a microwave. That wasn’t a problem. I bought both here after I arrived.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.