Animals around my house #4


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In this post, I would like to add a few pictures of the things around my house.

First a Macaw. I’ll talk a little about them.

This guy and two of his buddies make sure I am awake at around 6:00 am each morning. Yes, every morning. I am sure as long as the fruit is plentiful on the trees they will continue.

Here is a photo of the other two. By the way these pictures where taken with a telephoto lens. The birds are 50 – 60 feet up in the trees above my house.

These guys are a lot quieter than the big Macaws. Look closely, there are two of them (Great green macaw). I know they look like parrots but they are not. I confirmed this with Wikipedia.

I will have to admit iguanas are down the road about 2 kilometers from the house. I don’t – at the moment – have any in my trees. If you keep your eyes scanning the tops of the trees, you can normally find these guys sunning themselves.

Some of you, I am sure, were wondering about the sloths? Yes, they also are down the road (not around my house – at the moment) about 1 or 2 kilometers. Here you are looking at the butt (sorry); I am on the ground and he is up high in the trees. Hopefully, I’ll catch him in a better position. This day, I was out of luck.

During the time I was writing this blog, a sloth showed up in my yard! He was on the ground (they normally do not get on the ground) heading for this tree.

The leaves of this tree are his favorite food.

He stopped for a moment to scratch his neck. I have never seen one scratch! Once again, he was moving…

He went to sleep right at the top of the tree.

You might not think of squirrels when you think Costa Rica. But yes, they are here. This guy likes to tease the dogs I have in my yard. I watched him run between three trees, back and forth. If he can catch the dogs off guard, he will run across the ground just to drive them nuts! I am not sure who had the most fun — him or the dogs.

Remember, I am very close to the ocean. To my surprise, there are a lot of crabs running around. (I have large pieces of coral in my yard.) I guess it is how you look at it, but I am about 100 yards from the beach and there are lots of trees and vegetation between me and the beach. So, I did not expect crabs to be everywhere.

Their shells have beautiful colors; orange, blue, purple, brown. Some even look clear.

This is a [Mangrove Black-Hawk]. It’s not a good picture, but I have seen him around the house a number of times. As you can see from the picture, he likes to hide. Or, maybe he is just staying away from us humans.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.