A few birds around the house #6


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I have dropped a few pictures of birds already, but I thought I would pick out a few of the more everyday birds.

And no I do not know their real names. I am sure I will learn some of them over time.

This one is black and yellow, watch for number two.

This one is black, yellow and brown.

How about some blue birds?

I think they are very beautiful.

Maybe this is why I took so many pictures of them.

Okay last oneā€¦

I know in the states we have red wing black birds but this one has red on its back.

The one I call a black bird is not like our U.S. black bird. Notice the beak.

Take a close look at the tail. It is longer than the average bird.

How about a couple of twins, with spots?

You may have seen this guy in an earlier post. I have been visited by two of these hawks, but it’s hard for me to capture a picture of them. They normally are down in the grass, like you see here. But this time, he was popped up enough for me to take a quick shot.

Then he flew up into the trees and I was able to get this shot.

Vulture caught in tree. Click vulture picture to really see him.

How about a black bird with blue eyes?

While I was taking the pictures of the birds (early in the morning) I noticed my yard sloth “Sneaky” was moving around. I could almost see his face, so I had to take a picture. Most of the time, his face is pointed up the tree (all you see is butt), not hanging down as you see here.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.