First day of retirement will be Jan 1st, 2019

To be posted when I arrive in Costa Rica. Check back on the 1st or 2nd of January 2019 for the latest information.

Second day of retirement in Costa Rica

I will fill in the blog with what happens on my second day in country. Currently just laying out the blog to be ready for the input of pictures and information as it may unfold.

My Main Message

Well yes, I will add anything special I run across in my day to day life and place it here. What I (and my visitors) might enjoy as well as what I may not be enjoying.

Include all the things that make my retirement unique and maybe better than anyone else’s in other geographical locations.

The two sections right above here (with the blue headings) will just be the highlights of the day or weeks. Hopefully placing key items that might be of interest to everyone and especially a first time visitor to the blog site. Maybe a great picture if I have one. My grandson on the beach.


I will be living in the very small village of Cocles. (No not the picture above.) See video below. It is the only community in Costa Rica that hires life guards during the peak tours season.

Map included with video of Cocles Beach
Yearly Temperatures and Rain Fall for my area
Places to visit

For Turtle Lovers

Just north of Limon on the Caribbean side is “Tortuguero National Park”. Tortuguero in Spanish means ‘Region of Turtles’.

Additional Turtle information