My favorite beach-Punta Uva #9


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In post number eight, I indicated that I had a favorite beach. I also added a couple reason why it was my favorite; it’s just far enough away for a nice bike ride and the beach is long enough for a nice jog. If you are wondering what I mean by “long enough”, a lot of the beaches have trees that have fallen into the ocean. Take a look at the fourth picture below. Just past the fisherman, you will see a tree. It is hard to jog if you have to stop and climb over a tree to keep going.

Being that I have been sitting behind a computer for the better part of the last 20 years, I need to exercise.

Now, on with the pictures. Punta Uva beach is where we are headed. From Cocles Beach, which is just north of me, we will head south on 256.

On the way to Punta Uva, south of Cocles Beach about 2 kilometers you see a banner over the road. Down on the road are white arrows marking a place to turn.

The entrance has the Punta Uva Dive Center sign to confirm you have made the correct turn.

This dirt road is great. It’s, hard-packed and very smooth, unlike other roads in the area. I think the dive shop pays for the maintenance.

The turn from the main road is about 100 meters from the beach. As you reach the end of the road there will be a small structure to eat under. Or, maybe you’ll use it for a shield from the sun.

You can park at the Dive Center, but you will have to pay. The parking area seems to be designated only for their customers.

As you walk on to the beach and look to the south, this is your view. When I took this photo one fisherman landed from his morning outing.

Now that you are on the beach, turn to the north and you will see the rest of my favorite beach. This is the part that I jog on. In the distance, you can see a few fishermen. Notice the shadows in the picture? It is sunrise. Okay, a little after, but you can see the beauty of the morning sun on the beach with most of coastline still in the shade.

There is one little problem with my beach though. When the tide is high, the waves cover parts of the beach. In the photo above, the sandy part you see is often very soggy and that makes it difficult for a morning jog. That does not happen too often. Which, for me, is good news.

If you ever visit Punta Uva beach and it happens to be between 6:00 to 6:30 am, you will most likely see me jogging. Be sure to wave “Hola!”

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.