Monkeys in the trees #7


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Right out in front of my house, looking in the direction of the beach, is a big tall tree that has fruit that the Macaw and monkeys love to eat.

My landlord told me it is an almond tree. But when the animals eat it, it looks like they are eating a type of fruit.

I guess it is just green almond.

Here are some of the monkeys eating right here in my yard.

Searching for food in the trees.

Always on the lookout for danger.

After eating all the fruit, they are ready for a nap.

If you are pregnant maybe you don’t sleep to well.

Even after you have the baby you still may not sleep to well.

And when baby gets bigger, no mommy to sleep on. Bummer

No Biggy. Off we go to do a little eating.

Then I can grow big and strong like Uncle Jesse.

Hope you enjoyed the monkeys as much as I did.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.